Official statement from UEA Men’s Rugby

President of UEA RFC, Andy Driver:

On behalf of UEA RFC, I would like to reiterate the points that I highlighted before: UEA RFC does not condone any form of sexism or racism and never has. I would further like to emphasise that we have the belief that the individuals who are responsible for the accusations against us should be appropriately and severely punished, not the rugby club as a whole. We do not want the reputation of the club, union or university to be tarnished by the foolish and thoughtless behaviour of some individuals who do not accurately represent us.

That being said, I would like to let it be known that we have entered the appeal process and are moving forward. The basis of this appeal is centred on three things: the procedures made by the Union, new evidence, which did not have an opportunity to be brought to light (due to a lack of investigation) and the severity of the punishment.

Due to confusion which has arose both within online reports and public opinion, we would like to inform people of our current situation and to once again re-iterate that the club does not condone in any way the behaviour of the accused. We aim to work closely with the union in the future to ensure that the club is as stable and successful as it has the potential to be.


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