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‘OITNB says Goodbye’

The final season of the prison drama Orange is the New Black (OITNB) was released on the 26th of July. Each season beforehand had a powerful political message, but this final season really hit home for the American audience (and some Brits too). The joyful parts of the season were the reunion between ‘Taystee’ and Tamika, known in the final season as Warden Ward. Alongside this storyline, the settling down of Joe Caputo and Natalie Figueroa into a long-term relationship was also nice to see, even if Joe became the target of a #MeToo movement caused by the actions of his earlier character. The more heartbreaking parts for fans of the season was Tiffany’s suicide after passing her GED exam, the homelessness of Cindy, and the deportation of a Hispanic mother of two. This plotline really brought the immigration laws currently active in America into the foreground and built upon the ongoing narrative that prisons are being run for profit.


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