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Academic year in music

‘Hello’ – Adele If any song has defined this academic year, it has got to be Adele’s ‘Hello’. Soulful and emotive, this song reflects the heart-breaking agony of relationship breakdowns from the perspective of the break-up perpetrator. ‘Hello’ captivated its audience, spending three weeks at number one, and placing Adele back into the lime-light after…

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What armour class is that bikini?

Women have developed an uncanny ability in video games, the power to be fully protected from harm while simultaneously showing a majority of their body. Games like Street Fighter and Bayonetta show women with skin of stone, somehow possessing the same level of protection wearing a bikini as a man in full dragon skin armour….

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Overdraft make-up tips

I’m going to start at the ‘end of term’ end of this spectrum as I am definitely feeling the strain on that trusty overdraft. First things first, minimal equals cheap. Summer is all about subtle ‘I’m really wearing make-up but you can’t tell, I’m just naturally glowing’ so double up some of your products. Concealer…

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Orange is the New Black is back

The fourth season of Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black will be released on 17th June, and with coursework and exams well out of the way, it is the perfect timing for a new binge watch project. The new season looks promising with cast members and showrunners saying that season four will be darker…

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Free to dream

I am not just thinking thoughts; my thoughts are thinking too. My hands are behind my head, against my pillow, my fingers forming a deck of cards, and I gaze up at the ceiling, and hope that there aren’t any daddy-longlegs up there. The darkness may look black to others, but it seems ultramarine to…

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If i ever come back, i want you to remember who i used to be. Remember that day, at St Katherine Docks, when it was almost Christmas. It was almost Christmas and you had never been brighter. The water mirroring the lights and the whispers. A painting of lost people, dancing flesh on the thread…

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X-Men Apocalypse

The X-Men series has been one of the longest running superhero franchises and, with Apocalypse, it manages to continue on a good if not spectacular note. Following the rise of the world’s oldest mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the X-Men, led by Xavier (James McAvoy), have to unite in order to stop him and his four…

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The rise of downloadable content and microtransactions

It’s widely held that microtransactions are the Mecha-Hitler of gaming. Usually the scourge of mobile apps, they lurk in the background of every screen, dully flashing, tempting your eye, waiting for your patience to run thin. Running out of lives on Candy Crush? No matter; for a small fee, you can spend another twenty minutes…

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