A trend seems to be emerging amongst pop stars that they must bring out their own film. From Justin Bieber to Katy Perry it seems like just another great marketing scheme to bring fans in their flocks to find out more about their favourite artist.


Boy band One Direction are the latest to fall prey to this craze, although it seems obvious that Simon Cowell is the mastermind behind the production (surely the most smug man in the world when it grossed over $18 million in the US in its opening weekend).

Directed by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) the film follows the boys from their modest beginnings, through their X Factor auditions and finally to their journey across the globe, all interwoven with excerpts of their concerts. It is actually really good (surprising as it is to admit).

Interviews from the boys and their families show just how incredible their lives are. On a rare few days off they travel home to visit their parents – one mum tells the camera that it is the 5th day her son has been home since he left the family home 2 and a half years ago whilst a teary Liam’s dad conveys how he misses that he can’t just take his son to the pub; Liam’s mum even buys a life size cut out of her son so she can say goodnight to him (emotional much?).

You get the overall impression that the boys love their job; they are young adults travelling the world and following their dream but there is always that niggling feeling that they have been stolen from their families (Niall left the family home at just 16 years of age).

The film is incredibly interesting and entertaining, interspersed with tears and laughter. The boys come across as fun and cheeky and the only problematic part is that it is sure to make their hardcore fans even more in love with them.