The Oscar fashion predictions 2013

This year’s Oscar nominations are dominated by two films: Steven Spielberg’s historical drama Lincoln and the big budget, celebrity-packed Les Misérables.

Whilst we can’t say that Abraham Lincoln-style mutton chops won’t make a huge reappearance in men’s fashion, it’s probably a safer bet to say that the decadence of Les Misérables is far more likely to influence this year’s fashion. Love her or hate her, Anne Hathaway has become the face of the Oscars, gracing the covers of dozens of fashion magazines ever since the first trailer for Les Misérables went viral.

If you, like many, aren’t drawn to the all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza, maybe you can at least appreciate that Hathaway has bought back short hair with a vengeance. With her Hepburn-esque features, Anne has made a huge statement out of having her hair chopped in the name of art, it’s just lucky they left out the part of original novel where her character sells her two front teeth to try and earn some money – that may have been more difficult to pull off.

The outfits that have been worn by the entire female cast of Les Misérables for screenings and premieres have been flawless so far, which has lead to great hype over the dresses which will be worn for the Oscars on the 24 February. Whatever the others may wear, we can be sure not to be disappointed by Helena Bonham Carter, whose love of tartan, bold prints and disregard for any sort of convention always makes for an intruiging red carpet outfit. How the huge success of this film will affect high street fashion is hard to tell, although it’s unlikely the 18th century ball-gown is going to start cropping up in Topshop.

Another Oscar-nominated film Anna Karenina, which was released in late Autumn of last year had a huge and unexpected influence on winter fashion, with huge Russian-style fur coats and hats being the flavour of the season.

For the rest of winter we can assume that the decadent fabrics – furs, silks and velvets – that became popular with Anna Karenina, will be with us for the rest of winter thanks to Les Misérables.

Whatever may happen in Spring fashion is still yet to be seen, perhaps a full blown fashion revolution in the style of Les Misérables, or a boom in tiger prints due to the Oscar nominations of Life of Pi, one thing is certain – the outfits worn to the Oscars next month will shape the years ahead for those who wear them.

A split that’s just a little too high or a neckline just a little too low or even just playing it safe with an outfit can give the press a licence to destroy an actress, and that’s before they even make it to the acceptance speech.


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