Our guide to winter accessories

Nights are already getting chilly; the days are drawing in. It’s time to get cosy. At home it’s completely acceptable to snuggle up in every warm garment you own and make your hot water bottle your new best friend, however, when you venture out it’s not really okay to resemble a human cocoon.

A wise girl once proclaimed, “I can’t wear my Uggs AND my onesie”, and I think it’s a basic maxim we can all take on board. Keeping warm and staying stylish can be challenging. While it might seem like a woollen minefield, ultimately your accessories are an addition to your outfit, both practical and an expression of you.

Scarves are a must. With plenty of variety available, from tube scarves to silk, a chunky knit or one with a hood, there is one for everyone. Keep one in your bag to add warmth in the bitter evenings, and use it to protect sleek hair styles from the weather conditions seem out to ruin them.

With no loose ends and tassels to wrap round your chain or blow away in the wind, the tube scarf is the perfect option should your transport of choice be a bike. A faux fur collar is a smart equivalent to your everyday knitted neckwear, and can spruce up a jacket with the added texture as well as that added warmth.

Some people can just effortlessly look cool in a hat; others look uncomfortable and like someone else has dressed them. If you can rock them then go wild, the hat world is your oyster. Think Russian chic and grab vintage Cossack headwear, or channel your inner snowboarder and go for woollen; there are plenty of options available.

If a hat isn’t your thing, don’t resign yourself to ear based frost bite. Maybe give ear muffs a go. Cute and toasty this adorable headwear won’t mess up your hair, and you don’t need to be a hat person to pull them off.

Gloves and mittens are another good one just to keep on you at all times. While little knitted gloves might look adorable, the winter winds will blow straight through them. Although more costly, a non-woven glove such as leather (or pleather) will be more robust, impenetrable by wind or rain, and its far less likely you’ll put your thumb through the end.

Mittens are lovely, and the little fingerless gloves/mitten things available all over the place are super practical. Just pull the cap back if you need dexterity, and pop it back over to warm your fingertips.

No need to retire your dresses and shorts just yet. Winter means tights and hosiery is cracking. Topshop have some lovely tights to prevent you catching pneumonia and still looking smashing. From black patterned numbers in the daytime to suspender tights to winter up your favourite night-out-attire there is absolutely no need to go bare legged in AW12.

Tis the season to accessorise, so embrace the colder months and throw on a beret.


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