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There’s a global pandemic,

they say.

Stay inside.

No none essential travel allowed.

No driving to nice places.

No leaving the house.

The fear sets in.

Everyone stock piles,

rushing to buy as much food

and toiletries as they can.

And then.


No motorways packed

with back to back vehicles.

No cars being used

on a daily basis

just because

they’re there.

There’s less noise pollution.

Less air pollution.

Less petrol being burned.

The world brightens up,

the smog in cities lessens.

The sun shines brighter,

feels warmer.

You can hear the birds singing,

see the squirrels foraging.

feel the earth living.

Sitting in the garden,

you can hear families

becoming closer.

Spending more time

with each other

than they ever have before.

It truly is an awful time,

but the world is healing.

People are coming together,

laughing, playing, singing.

The pandemic is trying

to keep people apart.

To destroy the population,

kill the earth.

But it is changing us all

for the better.

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Louise Collins