An outfit for every occasion

Whether you’re going on a date, hanging with friends or even just having a night in, the hardest part of a night can sometimes be knowing what to wear. How we dress can reveal a great deal about ourselves and allows us to show our character through the colours, patterns and cuts that we showcase daily. Certain occasions can be trickier to dress for, especially when it comes to the more formal occasions like weddings or interviews or trying to impress on a hot date. Here is a short guide to help you with tricky outfit choices and make sure you feel fab for whatever events you have coming up.

A first date

The best piece of dating advice I’ve received is to dress in what you feel comfortable in and be yourself. Show your personality through your clothes and wear something that is true to your own style. You will always feel more confident if you’re wearing something in which you feel good and secure in. Wear your favourite pair of jeans or a dress you absolutely love and let your accessories do the talking.

A night out

In Norwich, nobody ever wears heels on a night out; a smart move. Reserve your heels for society balls and special occasions. “LCR shoes” are a must. New Look do very cheap canvas shoes; perfect if you don’t want to wreck your favourite pair of Vans. “Jeans and a nice top” are such a winning combo that Missguided even have a section dedicated to it on their website. Mesh tops with a cute bralette or vest top underneath are great to keep you on trend but also make sure you keep cool on the dancefloor!

A night in

It’s winter, it’s cold, and if you’re not living in halls anymore, you probably don’t have your heating on very often. Sometimes the best thing can be a cosy night in, by yourself or with a group of friends. Stay super casual with trackies, sweatshirts and pjs; the perfect combination for a chilled night in. Fluffy dress gowns are also a must!

Society Balls

The one night of the year in which everyone gets to dress up all fancy, so don’t let the opportunity go to waste! It doesn’t mean it has to be super expensive either. If you need to stay on the student budget, Primark and Topman do some fantastic men’s suits, as do most high street retailers. If you’re looking for a stylish dress that doesn’t break the bank, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo online do some fantastic ones, and always have student discount (and free returns!). Have a browse of the Asos outlet as well if you want something higher end without the designer price tag.



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