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Overdraft make-up tips

I’m going to start at the ‘end of term’ end of this spectrum as I am definitely feeling the strain on that trusty overdraft.

First things first, minimal equals cheap. Summer is all about subtle ‘I’m really wearing make-up but you can’t tell, I’m just naturally glowing’ so double up some of your products. Concealer instead of foundation. Lipstick doubles up as blusher and eye shadow. Basically just be resourceful and your bank account won’t notice a thing as you look summer ready.

OK, Mum’s just lent you 20 quid; what a great day. Do you pay your friend for that drink they bought you? Pay some bills? No. You buy some bronzer. When you can’t afford to go to Barcelona at least dot some bronzer across your cheek bones and forehead for that ‘oh I’ve been tanning rather than crying looking at my bank statement’ glow.

Finally, this tip is for the ‘loan came in and I’m absolutely loaded’ days. False eyelashes are probably not a long term good idea but if you’re willing to splash out and want to not bother with make-up for the rest of the summer, going to a salon and getting the individual lash implants makes a massive difference. It means not worrying about running mascara on the beach or eyeliner that is going to melt. It really means you can wear no other make-up and still look done up. Just try not to get addicted or you’ll have no eyelashes by next year.

My final piece of advice if none of these are grabbing you is don’t wear any make-up, it’s summer, go to the beach, you look cute anyway!


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