February can be a lot. We were keen on the idea in January but now we’ve got commitment issues. All February means is closer deadlines and the arrival of dreaded Valentine’s. But don’t worry: Concrete will guide you through the rocky month of love.

If you are in need of advice, Comment has your new and savage agony aunt on page 18.

Forget the auntie that brings over cake on a Sunday and wears oversized scarfs, this aunt has razor sharp wit and zero tolerance of pathetic partners.

Comment editor Jack Ashton and I share our pearls of wisdom and what to do when he’s just not that into you.

Whether you need tough love or not, we’ve got devilish honesty and angelic advice to right your wrongs.

If you want a friendlier approach, head to Features where you can find out how to escape a bad date. On page 12, Amelia Rentell tells you what to do when you realise “Ultimately, this date is going nowhere. You’re creeped out, unsatisfied and bored.” Unfortunately, we have all been there and with her advice you don’t have to stay long.

Finally, a reminder that the Concrete Sex Survey is back and ready to do it all again! We investigated how UEA does it and the results were certainly enlightening.

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey and look out for your comments on the back cover. We picked a few of our favourite quotes and it could be one of yours gracing our prestigious cover.

Concrete will help you find your way through February whether you’re in or out of love.

Let’s not forget what this month is really about – discounted chocolate. Mark your calendar for 15 February and you’ll get through it.