Student Library fines nearly top £100,000

News editor James Dixon reveals that UEA students contributed significantly to Library funds last year - in the form of fines for books returned late.

Three Hindu chaplains appointed

Three new chaplains for the Hindu community at UEA have been announced, a year on from the controversial Concrete headline: "Is the Chaplaincy failing Hindus?"

Not for the First time, we aren’t happy

Richard Joslin reports on the changes made by First to the 21/22 bus service, which will no longer be stopping on campus.

A leak detected: the great brain drain

Rachael Lum looks at the flow of highly-qualified citizens from Africa and the Far East to the western world.

Should international students be wary of studying in the UK?

Features writer Beth Wyatt looks into an issue which has attracted media attention following the murder of an Indian student in Salford, but which had previously remained largely hidden below the surface.

The death-knell: is this the beginning of the end for humanities?

Nicola Walters debates the future of humanities courses in the light of last semester's closure of the School of Music.