Keep on selling in the free world

In a week where the end of 2011 album sales are released, showing adele’s dominance in the US and the UK charts, and British boy bands make their mark on America, Sam Parker asks if could we be seeing the comeback of British music acts staking their claim on the world of music.

UEA Fight Night 2012

Billy Sexton reports on the triumphant return of UEA Fight Night to the LCR.

The future of nuclear

One year on from the Fukushima disaster, the world is looking differently at the role nuclear has to play in our energy future.

The Story Behind The Status

Bex White takes a look at the new student sitcom, coming soon from UEA:TV.

Go Global Party: celebrating with the world

Max Hui reviews the focal point of the Union of UEA Students' Go Global Week, the International Party.

Men’s Rugby appeal against Union ban

News editor Susanna Wood and reporter Amelia Edwards provide an update on the situation concerning UEA Men's Rugby.