Male flies dominate during sex, research finds

UEA research has found that male fruit flies have the ability to influence the behaviour of females through sex.

Facebook fraudsters target students

Students are being urged to take care with the information they disclose online following cyber attacks by fraudsters.

In conversation with Cinema City

In Conversation explores the challenges facing Norwich’s film industry. We talk to local Cinema City about Flicker books, free stuff and UEA

Wake me up when September ends

Stateside blogger Josh Mott takes a look back at September's releases and ahead to October's, and re-discovered the 50s.

Why being a student is like being really rich

The budget's tight and the milk's out of date but student life is more luxurious than you might think. Here's why.

What’s on at the Waterfront

This term at the Waterfront: Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Django Django, Peter Hook, The Cribs and more.