Canary Corner – September 2011

Matt Scrafton documents Norwich City's first Premier League win of the season against struggling Bolton Wanderers.

Identity Parade

With a new year upon us, Concrete's Alex Ross takes a look at some of UEA and Norwich's famous faces, and perhaps a couple you might not be expecting.

Vice-Chancellor speaks out against visa cut

UEA Vice-Chancellor Edward Acton fears a potential fall in interest from international student applications, following government decisions taken earlier this year concerning the two year post-study work visa.

UEA chews over new Hubba Bubba

The organisation of administration at the University has been dramatically altered in time for the new academic year.

Review: Live Wire

Beth Wyatt reviews Harlan Coben novel Live Wire.

The Voice loses out in the reality television war

Sidonie Chaffer-Melly adds another voice to the great reality television show debate, and whether BBC’s latest talent show offering is fatally flawed.