Pale Waves: gig review

Openers King Nun make themselves known to the audience when they jump into action, with raw-edged and suitably loud Tulip. Lead singer and guitarist Theo uses the small stage to his full advantage, jumping about whilst narrowly avoiding his bandmates – lead guitarist James, bassist Nathan, and drummer Caius. All still teenagers, this might be one reason for the band’s enthusiastic edge, making their mark on the crowd with the comparatively laid back Sponge, proving them capable of creating songs with the appropriate mix of riotous noise and a solid underpinning of melody.

“We are Pale Waves, and we’re from Manchester,” singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie announces, taking the stage for their first headline show in Norwich. Latest single, Television Romance, is a perfect mix of meaningful and upbeat. Although songs such as My Obsession highlight the band’s combination of melody and painfully honest lyrics, it is debut single There’s A Honey which leaves a real impression. Showcasing 80’s influences such as the Cure without losing its originality, it’s echoed back to the band so enthusiastically it leaves Heather singing through smiles.


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