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It’s been a long and cruel two months since Student Finance bestowed our loans upon us, and the majority of students are starting to fear checking their bank balance.

It’s pretty widely acknowledged that the less money you have, the more you desperately need non-essential items, pretty clothes in particular.

Below are the instructions needed to put a fancy patterned pocket onto a plain T-shirt, so save yourself some money and keep yourself off Facebook for an hour and give this a go.

You will need: A plain t-shirt, a piece of patterned fabric, at least six inches by six inches, needle and thread, scissors, pins, an iron, a pen that will come out in the wash (a Biro is perfect)

  1. Give both the t-shirt and fabric for the pocket an iron; a smooth surface is so much easier to work with. If the fabric for the pocket is in a big piece, cut out a smaller piece, no smaller than six inches square, which will become the pocket on the t-shirt.
  2. Very carefully draw out a pocket shape onto the patterned fabric, following the measurements in the diagram. Once this shape is outlined, draw another identical shape within the outline already drawn out, measuring half an inch inwards from all sides of the shape already drawn.
  3. Cut the pocket out, cutting around the largest outline, rather than the inner outline. Once you have a rather large pocket shape, with the outline of a smaller one inside it, make a small cut on each corner of the shape, joining the outside line to the inside line.
  4. Fold the pocket so that it is the size of the smaller outline, with the line of the larger outline tucked behind it. Iron the edges of the shape to keep the edges straight and flat, as well as easier to sew.
  5. Sew the top edge of the pocket, joining the folded down side to the front of the pocket, it should start to look fairly pocket-like, which will be reassuring.
  6. Carefully pin the pocket into a position you like on the t-shirt, take some time to do this, as a slightly wonky pocket can be very frustrating.
  7. Sew down the sides and along the bottom of the pocket, making sure that you sew through both the front of the pocket and the folded under side, otherwise the pocket will unfold and go a funny blob shape the first time you wash it. The smaller your stitches are the longer the t-shirt will stay stitched together!

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