What does a “People’s Vote” actually mean?

Amber Rudd has said “a people’s vote could be the result of an impasse” and it would be “preferable to no deal”.
Yet again, it’s more proof if any were still needed that a ‘People’s Vote’ is really just a smokescreen for arrogant, sneering, ivory-tower elitists who still can’t get over the fact they lost. We already had a ‘People’s Vote’ in 2016, or were they not ‘people’ who voted? The EU Referendum two years ago was one of the largest political exercises ever in British politics. Many expected the Remain-backing establishment to win – what with everyone from politicians to bankers and journalists trawling out EU propaganda – yet they lost. Project Fear failed. So now the elite, running out of tactics, are pretending to engage in democracy by demanding a ‘People’s Vote’.

It’s fine if you voted Remain. But don’t sneer at democracy and spit your dummy out when you don’t get the result you want. That’s not how democracy works. In case the people calling for an undemocratic ‘People’s Vote’ were wondering, maybe they should look at those pro-EU taxpayer-funded propaganda leaflets sent out prior to the Referendum. (They cost the taxpayer £9 million.) Chiefly they should peruse the part stating in no uncertain terms “the government will implicate what you decide”. Don’t try to dress this up as a ‘People’s Vote’, because it isn’t. The people calling for one don’t care about democracy, otherwise they’d respect the result of the Referendum. They only thing they care about is winning. If Remain had won, do you think they’d be calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the decision to stay in the EU? Of course not.

To anyone still unconvinced, or to those still calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ I ask you this: do you fully understand the implications of what you’re asking for? If the elites get their way and manage to reverse the single biggest political mandate in British political history, no-one will ever have faith in British democracy again. Think about that for a second: Britain, the exporter of Western Democracy to the world, an icon of democratic principles and a free society, with a shambolic excuse for a democratic system and no respect for the sanctity of the freedom and ideals it used to nurture. Is it really worth it to desecrate the democratic process and the sacred power of the vote, just so you can say ‘I won’? If you would seriously throw our nation’s democracy and principles under a bus to claim some warped form of victory, then I’m sorry but you seriously need to take a long, hard, look in the mirror.

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