The perfect musical Valentine’s

“Taking the day off from his busy touring schedule, Drake surprises me with a trip to the Cayman Islands via his jet. After champagne on a yacht, I find he’s hired an entire restaurant for a romantic dinner. Ever the gentleman, he pays for the whole thing, then flashes me a look that says “just hold on, we’re going home.”” – Hayden East


“A star lit serenade from Alex Turner with a picnic of black treacle. When the sky starts crying lightning, we’ll embrace in the rain before he asks r u mine? I’ll tell him to suck it and see, and we’ll head back to room 505. But will I leave before the lights come on?” – Lydia Clifton

“Smoke twirls upwards from the end of Debbie Harry’s newly lit cigarette as she considers me with those bulbous blue eyes. Lounging lazily against the back of an armchair in a Soho jazz club, John Coltrane strides onto the stage. “This’ll do,” she says, and orders another dry Martini.” – Dean Cassady

“The date is in a West Berlin café, with Bowie regaling me with stories of his life while I try not to get lost in his mismatched eyes. We then go to a bar and get ridiculously drunk on cheap German vodka, ending the evening holding hands and leading the room in a loud rendition of ‘Space Oddity’.” – Bridie Wilkinson

“My ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent with Nas. We’d take a moonlight stroll through the Projects, free-styling as we share a bottle of Hennessy and smoke endless blunts. He’d tell me that although I’m a white boy from England, his music was always aimed at me, and I’d reassure him that he’s more than just Illmatic.” – Callum Graham

“The year is 1938, the mood is thick with a sensual aroma, oozing and suggestive. Across the table looking back at me with intense blue eyes, is a young Sinatra. He picks up a hat left on the next table and places it on my head. “Cock your hat,” he says, “angles are attitudes.”” – Zoe Jones


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