Perfume: The ultimate accessory

The art of accessorising is a difficult skill for any fashionista to master and can make or break an outfit. When choosing accessories less is more and going OTT with bracelets and necklaces is a fashion crime committed by many. However, there’s an invisible accessory that can make anyone feel and smell amazing… perfume.


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We all have a scent that we wear day to day whether it’s fruity and flirty or sweet and subtle. Perfume can make as much of an impact when you walk into a room as your favourite little black dress, you just have to find the one best suited to the occasion. But like other accessories you can go one spray too far and end up giving everyone a headache. Finding the right perfume can be a process of trial and error, try picking up some small sample bottles and taking note of the reactions you get from those around you.

There are so many famous and popular perfumes to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Classic scents like Chanel No.5 and Miss Dior never fail. Even though they can be pretty pricey think of it as an investment that you’ll soon reap the benefits of! Don’t dismiss celebrity fragrances either; some of them smell better than the more expensive designer brands. Your perfume says a lot about the person you are and the things you like so make sure you don’t buy it just because of the brand…. or the design of the bottle! On a student budget beware of falling into the trap of buying the cheapest fragrance on the shelf as the price tag might be amazing but the smell not so much. Make sure to have a sniff before you spend.

It isn’t just us girls that rely on perfumeries, men love a bit of cologne to give them that edge. Although some are known for smelling like they’ve used the entire bottle instead of a little splash on a night out; it can soon become more suffocating than seductive. A man’s aftershave can instantly make him more attractive and he and his aftershave quickly become hard to forget. Whether you prefer Creed, Joop or Paco Rabanne men’s aftershaves are strong, masculine and sexy – much more effective than a skinny tie or watch.

So the next time you’re getting ready and feel like something’s missing don’t try a million different necklaces, just reach for that little bottle on your dressing table. It will save you mountains of time and you’ll not only look wonderful all day long… but smell it too. It’s an accessory that you can wear every day without fail with every outfit without fear of colour clashing or going to over the top!


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