The ‘Pho’-nomenal food of Vietnam

Writing this article has been an emotional ride for me, as it reminds me how much I miss food from home. Most dishes take lots of time and effort to cook, which is probably the reason why there aren’t many Viet restaurants here in Norwich. However, if you get a chance to go to London, there are some authentic places that you should definitely pay a visit! My friends recommend BunBunBun, though I haven’t really tried it out personally. 

As you may not know, Vietnamese food is considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines around the world (I’m not being biased here). Similar to other Asian cuisines, Vietnamese cuisine also follows the Mahābhūta principles – every dish needs to comprise of the five fundamental tastes to generate the overall balance flavour – spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet. Due to the difference in heat level, different regions tend to have their own signature taste so that they can adapt to the climate better. Food is milder and less spicy in Northern Vietnam, whereas people in Central Vietnam prefer spicy flavour and people from the South (where I am from) like their food to be sweeter. 

Many of you may have heard of Pho, our wonderful, hearty traditional dish. Thus, I want to introduce you to another superb noodle dish, Bun Bo Hue. To explain the name, Bun Bo means ‘beef noodle’ whilst Hue is a city in central Vietnam, where the dish originated. The dish contains spicy broth with rice noodles, with a kick of lemongrass. It may take quite some time to prepare the dish but the result will always be fantastic! Another interesting fact is that after every meal, we serve fruit as dessert as we find it rather refreshing than having a heavy sweet dish!

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