Reading’s tiring, TV’s full of football and Spotify can’t quite work out your vibe. (Am I the only one who finds the generated playlists somewhat offensive?) But never fear, your summer distraction is here: five podcasts covering all you need to know. Whether at a family BBQ or down the pub, listen to these and you’ll be the smartest person in the room – at the very least, you’ll sound like it.

The Moth 

In a word: motivational

The moth invites storytellers from all around the world to share their experiences through public speaking. Recorded at live events, the podcast builds a sense of community and inclusivity. Hearing from scientists who tell tales of love intertwined with a Mobius strip metaphor (oh yeah) and taxi drivers who live out of their cars you’ll hear stories beyond your wildest imagination. 

Reasonable Beef 

In a word: nerdy

This is for the film fans who know a little more, don’t look down on people for knowing less, but enjoy a smug smile at the end of a Marvel film. The review podcast focuses on sci-fi films with attention to big blockbuster releases, if there’s been a twitter storm about it, they’ve seen it. With two guys chatting about films with their mates as guests, Reasonable Beef is effortlessly insightful while informal. This podcast does what it says on the tin, calls out a film on it’s beef, but reasonably – it’s a breath of fresh air from clickbait bullshit.

Crash On My Couch

In a word: chill

Couple Will and Arden sit on their sofa (or more likely in a recording studio) and talk about their week. Regular features see call-ins from listeners, the co-host discuss odd topics from the news and how they feel about it all. It’s not high brow, it won’t tire you out, but if you want to revel in the world’s goodness for just a moment it’s the place to go. Both Will and Arden have Youtube channels too, which begs the question: why bother with audio? But with your headphones in, it feels like you’re crashing on their couch, you’re welcome to join in the conversation, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

The Guilty Feminist 

In a word: empowering

“I’m a feminist but…” is how each episode begins. Deborah Frances-White unites feminists to chat about issues facing women from across the globe. Diverse speakers, including comedians, researchers and campaigners, offer humorous yet poignant ideas on important contemporary conversations. Episodes have discussed repeal the eighth and genital mutilation, while others deal with shopping without feeling shit. Tackling toughness with comedy, the podcast never fails to gain a laugh from their, often, live audience.

Getting Curious

In a word: gorgeous

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Queer Eye’s Fab 5 and Getting Curious is brought to you by my favourite member: Jonathan Van Ness. The gorgeous grooming guru taught us sulfates hate on your hair but more importantly – asking questions is just so cute he can’t even. Addressing topics from the American bail system to Zombie bees, 90s pop stars to contemporary economics, Jonathan brings the best in to ask questions listeners wish they could.

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