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“Please can I have a bedtime story?”

You beg for a story, it’s long past your bedtime,

But I suppose one little tale wouldn’t be a crime,

I’ve only just come out to say hello,

From the murky depths of your bed below

You reach out to feel me, you want a hug

Your scent intoxicates me, my own personal drug

Breathe in again, then breathe out, I’ll watch your chest rise,

Trying to hide the hungry look that springs to my eyes

It’s getting late now and the darkness has consumed both you and me,  

But I can’t ignore your desperate plea,

“I’ll tell you a story…” I whisper in the black air

I stroke your hair— it’s silky blonde and fair.

“It happened to a boy like you on a night like this”

He leaned against me, in a state of pure bliss

His body turned cold as I told him the rest

His heart was erratic beating fast in his chest

The beast sunk her teeth into his flesh

Decimating his corpse into a bloody mess

Thick red pooled over his wooden floor

She ate till she could eat no more

Bones, teeth, every inch of skin

A zingy buzz that tasted of tin

When she’d consumed him all

She left one bloody footprint to mark his fall

One last look, one last growl

She soon departed with a piercing howl.

Beware beware of the story time strangers

That’s when they get you, when you’re unaware of their dangers

The monsters beyond morals, with a deathly glow

From the murky depths of your bed below

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Leia Butler

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January 2022
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