Creative Writing


Here is a book; now open its page,

Its words have been read from age to age,

Close your eyes; now count to three,

And think of the story you most want to read.

Perhaps we are jetting off for a mission in space,

As the countdown begins to save the entire human race,

Or maybe we stumble home on a dark winter’s night,

Unaware that the ghoul upstairs lies in wait to give us a fright.

A sleuthing adventure would be perfectly fine,

Solving a crime whilst drinking blood red wine,

Or should we indulge with a heady romance,

Where eyes meet, kisses are sweet, and he asks for a dance?

The tale may take us back through history,

Where the scratch of a quill unravels a medieval mystery,

Or sailing a pirate ship perhaps we should go,

In search of golden treasure, with a cry of yo ho ho!

Here is a book; see centre stage

The endless possibility of a white blank page,

Close your eyes; now count to three,

And write out the story you most want to see.


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Isabelle Harrison