Your Pokémon themed exercise routine

As September rolls in, we all fondly remember those days when we promised ourselves we’d get ‘fit for summer.’ Ancient goals of dropping a few inches from the waist or finally flaunting that risqué swimsuit are quietly nudged under the rug and left to rot. Those running shoes we bought remain untouched by the door, but the bin overflows with ice cream wrappers. ‘No carbs before Marbs’ we shouted, only to realise the difficulties of such a bold claim and just having a Twix instead. No more. My fellow gamers, I understand your tribulations. Therefore, I have compiled an effective guide to fitness. All you’ll require is the gaming application: Pokémon Go. Plus, fitness wear and a drive to be the very best like no one ever was. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down, and drink plenty of water.

Pick from the following workouts:

The Cloyster (Endurance)

Build your stamina by performing exercises that increase your breathing rate!

  1. Run or jog until you encounter a Hypno, Jynx, or Pikachu. Some days this may take minutes, whereas other days this will wear you out. For extra difficulty, only stop running if you catch them successfully; i.e. if the Pokémon flees, keep going!
  1. Filter your Pokémon by ‘recent’. Look at the CP for the most recent Pokémon you caught.
  1. Convert it to seconds, and then plank for that length of time.
  1. How many Weedles do you possess? Count them, add five to the number, and then do as many crunches. Follow suit for squats and lunges.


The Arbok (Flexibility)

Begin with a light jog, ranging between five and twenty minutes in length.

Hold each pose for a minute. You may need to research them if you are not familiar with yoga…

  1. The Charizard (Warrior II Pose)
  1. The Arcanine (Downward Facing Dog)
  1. The Abra (Bound Angle Pose)
  1. The Staryu (Extended Triangle Pose)
  1. The Pidgeot (Lord of the Dance Pose)

End with a light walk to cool down.


The Exeggutor (Balance)


Increase balance by building the muscles in your lower body and legs!

For each exercise, look into your Pokémon inventory. Each exercise is allocated one Pokémon. Multiply the number of that species of Pokémon by 5 in order to calculate how many of that specific exercise needs to be done. Hold weights for an extra workout. Rest for 2-3 minutes between each set.

  1. Rattata: Squats
  1. Pidgey: Step-ups (per leg)
  1. Drowzee: Walking lunge (per leg)
  1. Charmander: Jump Squats


The Machamp (Strength)

Sun’s out, guns out.

Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio. Go outside and catch a Zubat. Only Pokéballs are allowed – no great balls or ultra balls! Record how many Pokéballs miss, and how many catch attempts fail. The catch attempts will equate to how many sets you do, and the missed    Pokéballs equate to the number of repetitions per set. If you don’t own a set of weights, use bottles full of water, or books.


1.Chest Press

  1. Arm Raise
  1. Bench Dip
  1. Bicep Curl
  1. Feet-elevated Push Ups

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