Poll: Public lacks confidence in the government’s aid for the arts

In a statement, culture secretary Oliver Dowden described the arts as “the soul of our nation.” The arts have huge cultural significance in this country but are also vital economically – the creative sector has grown at twice the rate of the national economy in the last decade. The arts also promote mental health and social unity, as well as helping to fight racism and isolation. Despite being such an important sector both socially and economically, the arts have suffered greatly during the pandemic and many feel apprehensive about the government’s approach to aiding the arts.

How confident do you feel in the government’s ability/willingness to save the arts?


Not Confident at All                89% (16 votes)

Unsure                                11% (2 votes)

Quite Confident                0% (0 votes)

Very Confident                0% (0 votes)


“I think the government is under the impression that they can just throw money at the arts in times of crisis and expect that to be enough, when in reality a huge part of the arts is nurtured through emotional/mental response. When we value art as therapeutic/something that makes the world seem a little less dire, the emotionally-constipated government can’t seem to wrap their heads around what that really means.” – Ally Fowler


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