Review: Premium Rush

Premium Rush is unquestionably the eco-friendly offspring of the 1994 classic Speed. Its real time racing premise never allows the story’s brakes to be put on too hard and whilst the plot is sometimes farcical and mediocre in places, the action and stunt work help to keep the ride going strong.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does well to set the pace as adrenaline junkie Wilee who finds himself caught up with crooks and cops in a race to deliver a package across the unforgiving highways of New York City.

Hot on his heels is corrupt lawman Bobby Monday, played brilliantly by Michael Shannon. His unhinged temper and sheer desperation to wrongly reclaim the incriminating package from Wilee makes for a set of tense and dizzying chases.

Flashbacks are used well, slowly unveiling necessary exposition and giving the film pause for rest and reflection that evenly break up the bunny hops.
Although the sat-nav-like map screen and Prince of Persia time reversal sequences play out more like a video game than a film, Premium Rush still remains an enjoyable if short-lived romp. It propels itself energetically on the saddle of a man who really should invest in some brakes.


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