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Presents/Presence/The Present

In a world that gives,

And in a world that takes,

In a world that loves,

And in a world that hates,

I have lived,

And I have aged.

Once I think I walk life at my own pace,

The world drowns me in a whole new place

And I open my eyes,

And all I see is this one face:

My face!

And in my madness, I find peace,

And in my peace, I find chaos,

And suddenly as rain hits the ground, so did my awakening teared me down,

I look around,

And I know now,

The greatest gift of them all is acceptance, and love, to all.

But that little voice wants to say more,

And so I kneeled into the madness of this world,

And for the first time I listened to this one last call,

It was the call of my name.

A desperate call,

A scared call,

A call that I keep reliving every day.

After all this time being lost, now I know how to break free from this world,

But once one has been lost, how can one be unlost?

How can one be found, in the darkness where he drowns?

But in the chaos I find peace,

And in the sadness clarity exists,

And in the darkness I see light,

And that is the greatest thing of all time,

Because now I see,

And now I live.

The greatest gift,

The greatest life,

Is the one that you are alive,

The one that you learn how to smile,

And how to cry,

The one that you learn how to love,

And how to say goodbye,

The one that you learn how to swim,

And how to fly.

Swim in the darkest edges of your restless mind,

Fly in the brightest corners of your own paradise,

Because my friend,

The greatest gift of them all, is the presence of life,

The presence of your mark in every moment of being alive.


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September 2021
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