Preview: Iron Man 3

Anyone that was near any form of media communication in the summer of 2012 will know of Avengers Assemble, a huge box office and critical success. Excitingly, 26 April 2013 sees Marvel’s latest instalment of their superhero line-up, the first since the days of Assemble, with Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. Eagerly awaited by many a comic book geek, and now with a fanbase that has more than doubled in the past year, the question is whether Iron Man 3 will be able to continue the Marvel glory amongst an upcoming summer of blockbuster films.

Iron Man 3

From what we know so far this film will see Tony Stark, post-Avengers, not having an easy ride. With his personal life in trouble, Stark is believed to be going off to find his enemies. It will also introduce Extremis, a new technological creation which affects how Stark’s famous Iron Man suit works. Thus, Iron Man 3 will introduce a whole new side of Stark and his alter-ego, and new characters to go along with it.

As the “creators” of Extremis, both Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce are added to the old faithful Iron Man cast of Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle. These new additions could be perfect; with Rebecca Hall’s character being dubbed a “female Tony Stark”, their relationship could only be entertaining, and most definitely full of sarcasm. While the actors have been told to keep their mouths strictly shut on giving away too much information about their characters, the introduction of two successful and renowned actors in Hall and Pearce could just be what the storyline needs to create a sequel that can satisfy a worldwide audience.

From what the trailer suggests, and from the information the studio has let out, this is going to be different from the previous Iron Man instalments (both directed by Jon Favreau), with more focus on Stark as a person, although there is a worry that this will mean less of the spectacular action and special effects we have seen in previous films. Of course, these elements will not be eliminated from the film, but with one of the limitations of Avengers Assemble being the development of its overcrowded cast of characters, the hope is that with only one main focus this will not be an issue with Iron Man 3.

The initial Iron Man films were extremely successful, not only in creating a character that everyone could love, despite his arrogance, but in launching Marvel’s massive Avengers endeavour. With so much hype around the film, and with cards being kept so close to chests, Iron Man 3 promises to be as enthralling as Avengers Assemble, if not better. With the tagline “Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?” Iron Man 3 is bound to be exciting, and a great start for the summer of blockbusters we have ahead of us in 2013.


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