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Preview: Resident Evil 3

Following the success of last year’s ‘Resident Evil 2’ remake, the third game in the series is getting the same treatment, and much sooner than most would have expected. Like its predecessor, ‘Resident Evil 3’ takes place in Raccoon City, although this time we get to experience both the very beginning, and very end, of the T-Virus outbreak which overran the city. This isn’t the first time protagonist Jill Valentine has faced off against zombies and monsters, and the gameplay reflects this: the dodge mechanic from the original RE3 returns here, requiring precise action, but letting you avoid a lot of damage too. The developers have assured that every enemy from the original game will be appearing in the remake, which serves as a relief after a number of unique monsters didn’t make the cut in RE2’s remake. On the other hand, something absent from all advertising so far is the original’s ‘Live Selection’ feature, in which the player makes a certain decision during some cutscenes like in a Choose-your-own-adventure novel. This led to different fights, locations and even endings, thereby making it a disappointing omission if it didn’t make an appearance in the remake.


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