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Preview: Skyfall

Bond is back. Check out this preview, watch the trailer, see photos and hear the official Skyfall theme sung by Adele.

Skyfall – Sony Pictures

James Bond has unequivocally been a part of British culture for five decades.

Since Dr.No’s inception in 1962, every couple of years has seen another worthy addition to the series (though we try to forget Die Another Day), and with the rebooted Casino Royale the franchise has never seemed more relevant – until its 2008 follow-up undid nearly all the good its predecessor had accomplished.

It wasn’t so much that Quantum Of Solace was a terrible film, it just didn’t live up to the promise of Daniel Craig’s debut. We were treated to merely a half-decent Jason Bourne knock-off. Fans expected more and were given a four year breather from the franchise before the engine restarted with the announcement of Bond’s latest adventure: Skyfall.

Early reports of Skyfall were not at all promising, as EON Productions had failed to find a large enough budget and, reportedly, many of the planned action sequences had to be cut.

Nevertheless, the film has gone ahead with its full budget intact, although a record-breaking third of it was found in product placement.

Beer manufacturer Heineken, in particular, have put forward enough capital to ensure that 007 will be sipping a cool, refreshing beer in October, with a large wink and nod to the camera. While the series has never been adverse to some tongue-in-cheek product placement, this just seems detrimental to the character.

But then there’s the good news. Revered Academy Award winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty) was announced as the director with the promise that he would bring back a more classic feel to the series: less grieving over a dead girlfriend, more one-liners. This joyous news was confirmed almost immediately with the revelation that Ben Whishaw (I’m Not There) had been cast as Q.

The first trailer finally arrived in July and was a great tease for the film, bringing to mind some of the franchise classics, with the welcome return of the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, and the “Bond is dead!” plot from You Only Live Twice.

But what really suggests that the film is to be a true return to Bond’s roots is a single shot from the trailer. As Bond leaps from one train car to another, narrowly avoiding certain death, he pauses to straighten up his suit jacket before continuing. So casual, so throwaway, so satisfying, so Bond.

Though very little is known of the actual plot, the trailer has installed a lot of confidence in many fans. With its trusty director and fantastic cast, featuring Javier Bardem as villain Silva, Judi Dench as M and Naomie Harris as this year’s Bond girl, the evidence points to one thing and one thing only: Bond is back.

Skyfall is in cinemas 9 November.

Watch the trailer:

‘Skyfall’ – Adele

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