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Prince Charles: climate change inaction could be ‘catastrophic’

Asked about the recent climate change protests at his home in Balmoral, Prince Charles offered “it isn’t helpful, I don’t think, to do it in a way that alienates people”.  

He warned of a “catastrophic” impact if more action is not taken to solve the climate crisis.

The Prince of Wales mentioned the lack of action regarding the climate change crisis and frustration must be directed “in a way that is more constructive rather than destructive.”

Prince Charles has found his own methods to reduce his carbon footprint without being destructive. He told the BBC how he doesn’t eat meat and fish on two days of the week or any dairy products on another day in an attempt to be more friendly to the climate.

He acknowledged how difficult it can be to make changes to reduce environmental pressures and added if more people reduced their meat and dairy intake, “it would reduce a lot of pressure on the environment”.

He also explained how most of his vehicles are electric, and his Aston Martin has been modified to run on E-85 fuel.

Made up of 85% of bioethanol which is derived from wine surplus and alcohol extracted from fermented whey, in essence, his car is powered by the derivatives of wine and cheese.

Firmly believing in the power and finance that businesses can bring to the crisis, the prince acknowledged how governments can bring billions of dollars to the campaign, but the private sector can provide trillions.

He continued to express his fears that many business executives are not prioritising the climate effort as they should. For Prince Charles the climate conference in Glasgow will be a “last chance saloon” and a “disaster” if the world won’t come together to tackle climate change

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