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We carry our heels on one arm,

And our friends on the other,

Sweaty palms encased like the hold of a lover.

Our feet flinch at the nipping gravel

But the drunken haze makes it hard to care.

Curls are beginning to drop,

Mascara is smudged and

Lashes are falling off;

We have never been more beautiful.

Our collective is drifting across the country;

Maisie’s going to study maths,

Whilst Lucy’s going off to Bath and

Taking a year off to hone her craft,

All pursuing different paths,

But tonight we are one breathing vessel.

Hugs are exchanged like Christmas presents,

Coming from best friends who held back our hair  

As we vomited after one too many,

To an acquaintance who sat opposite us in French,

To an ex which we now only wish the best.

Bags sagging with stolen food,

And photographs stuffed in bras,

We totter home

Onto our separate roads,

But certainly not alone.

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Rose Ramsden