Pumpkin spice up your life

I spent an afternoon in Norwich city last Saturday, and realised something: Christmas is approaching.

I mean, it’s not like I could have left the city without knowing due to the majority of stores playing Christmas tunes, and selling festive paraphernalia (I won’t bother telling you how many plastic evergreen trees I saw for sale). Additionally, I was in town the day after Black Friday so the city was packed.

You must think I’m one of those people who hates festivities but truthfully, I’m indifferent about them. Sure, they’re great and the atmosphere is fun but after experiencing them for nineteen years, it gets rather tedious — and people know this.

This is why companies are constantly introducing something new each Christmas to keep their customers loyal and returning.

Can’t think of an example? How about pumpkin spiced lattes? It’s quite a recent trend but surprisingly, Starbucks actually introduced this drink back in 2003.

Now, with most hypes, I was quite sceptical about this seasonal drink. I made it a mission of mine to try it out, and I did. It wasn’t bad, but not amazing.

I like pumpkin and I like spices so the taste was pleasant enough. However, it wasn’t mind-blowing enough for me to get regularly.

I’m sure a lot of people think this way, so how did pumpkin spiced lattes become so popular? Simply because they’re more than a drink, they’ve become a trend.

A limited edition object, and everybody wants something that there’s only a certain number of. You c o u l d almost call the pumpkin spice latte a lifestyle.

They’re incorporated in memes, specifically the ‘basic bitch’ meme. At this point, some people don’t even care if they like the flavour or not. It’s similar to driving an expensive sports-car in a crowded city; you can’t use it for its speed but it’s the brand you care about.

By no means am I saying that one should avoid pumpkin spiced lattes. You do you. If you want to indulge, go ahead. Starbucks really hit the jackpot with pumpkin spice latte, so props to them.

If you are ever wanting to try something new, don’t be afraid to order a pumpkin spice latte.

If you don’t like it, so be it but at least you can say you’ve tried it.

Although it’s not my cup of coffee (I’m more of a tea person actually), pumpkin spice lattes receive a lot of unwarranted hate.

If you don’t like it, there are many more items available to order. Personally, I usually go for a classic hot chocolate which is great for a cold day.

However, I am interested to see how long the hype about pumpkin spice lattes will last. Like all trends, they have their peak and gradually end up falling out of favour.

Soon enough, another trend will pop up that will occupy everyone’s Instagram and Snapchat. Any idea what it could be?

But for now, pumpkin spice lattes reign supreme over the Christmas season.


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