Quick questions with a UEA security guard

What do you do?
I am one of four UEA in-house Security Duty Managers. I manage one of four teams of Six Security Officers and we do a set shift pattern of 2 x day shifts 7am – 7pm then 2 x night shifts 7pm to 7am. We then have four days off and then restart the process. Our role is to provide a safe, secure and peaceful environment for staff, students and visitors to the campus.

How did you come by the Job?
I started here back in 2004 as a temporary Security Officer and was promoted to Security Duty Manager in 2009. Previous to coming to the UEA I was a customer service manager for Woolworths!

What’s your favourite thing/place on campus?
I love congregation week and seeing the students graduate. I like to think that we have been a part of ensuring that they have been safe during their time here and able to leave the UEA with fond memories. It is so nice to have students and parents thank us for our role which does often occur during that week.

What’s the best thing you have seen in your job?
There are so many occasions in previous years that have made me happy. As a department we have seen crime fall on a yearly basis by an average of 15% each year since 2008. I have personally been involved in a number of incidents which has led to the arrest and prosecution of criminals which always gives a sense of justice. Just this year alone I am proud to have been a part of the major events such as being the Duty Security Manger on the 50th Anniversary and being a part of the Zombie outbreak was both a huge highlight and a privilege. Also the Antiques Road-show in which I had a large role was extremely exciting and saw a huge turnout.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen in the job?
There have been many weird and wonderful sights at the UEA, some of which I could not possibly relay but one that will always stick in my mind will be Scooby Doo chasing rabbits by Nelson Court and then being told off by a Smurf for doing so!

What do you think make the UEA so wonderful?
Everyone who works and studies here are all part of the UEA community and it is like being part of a huge family. It’s great when everyone comes together to either solve issues, or to organise events. The ‘family attitude’ soon comes to the forefront.

What’s UEA’s best kept secret?
That would be telling! The grounds are second to none and there are some idyllic places on campus. On occasion you get early low level early morning fog on the grass between Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace, which when the sun rises in the morning, can be breath-taking.

What the next big thing for you at the UEA or what’s coming up that’s exciting?
We are in the middle of a very busy time for us. The start of the academic year brings a period where we are constantly on the go. Whether it be dealing with lost keys or lost students, the days and nights bring a wealth of issues!

What piece of advice would you give to students?
Remember that we are always open and here to help. Feel free to pop into the Security Lodge or call/email us for advice or if you wish to report something. Never suffer in silence and if you ever feel the need to contact us any time day or night, please do so. We are here to ensure you are safe and secure during your time here – Don’t ever be afraid to tell us anything. If we don’t know about it, we can’t help. Always look after yourself, each other and of course your belongings.


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