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Quiz – “Gripping, Original and New”

In April, ITV released the brand new drama, ‘Quiz’, to an intrigued audience. The three-part series tells the story of Charles and Diana Ingram and how they were suspected of cheating the game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ out of its titular prize. The show is packed full of fun, information, mystery and frankly bizarre moments. The show doesn’t try to assign blame to anyone involved in the strange scandal, instead using two of the three episodes to show the opposing points of view and allows you to make your own judgements. The show runs very much like a play, with musical numbers and fourth wall breaks highlighting the ludicrous nature of the story being told on screen. The programme openly criticises journalism and how it treats those they report on. 

We follow Charles and Diana as they are subject to abuse, with the show evoking genuine sympathy for them, something especially jarring if you believe them to be guilty. This is what makes the show so interesting; it humanises the ‘criminals’. Almost daily, we are swamped with gritty crime dramas which are typically dark, both in nature and in lighting. They all tell stories about murder and ‘bent coppers’ and it often feels like we are watching the same show over and over again. ‘Quiz’ broke the mould. It’s a show that fits the crime genre, but has humour, heart and is truly original. It also should be noted that Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant was a wonder. Coated in fake tan, his performance of the man that graced our screens was fantastically convincing. It also had a cheeky bit of satire in there for good measure that matched the tone of the show perfectly. 

Overall, ‘Quiz’ was a fantastically refreshing crime drama. Cheeky, funny and gripping, it allowed for both sides to have a voice and never pushed the blame on the Ingrams. Instead, the show used its format to highlight the ludicrous situation and humanise all involved in the scandal. ‘Quiz’ is a wonderful watch and I implore you to watch it if you haven’t already. 

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