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Radio wrong direction

Last week prompted the news that Radio 4’s Today Programme had overtaken the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in terms of listener numbers. What may have in the past been seen as incredible is now totally unsurprising given the depths Radio 1 has plunged to in recent months. Who wouldn’t prefer the dulcet and informative tones of John Humphries to the inane One Direction fanboy natterings of Nick Grimshaw?

Radio wrong direction

Grimshaw’s elevation to the Breakfast Show appeared to be based around the crazed idea that all young people are pre-teen One Direction fans, when in fact most of the target market actively despises them. The same can be said of other terrible artists relentlessly promoted by Radio 1, such as Connor Maynard and Justin Bieber.

There is clearly a place for a popular music station, but most young people actually have taste in music, which would more than preclude listening to most of the music Radio 1 plays.

Nick Grimshaw seems an even weirder choice when his limited DJing ability is considered. He was completely forgettable when he played Propaganda in Norwich last year, and had never hosted his own daytime Radio 1 show, prior to being given the Breakfast Show job.

Far more suitable candidates were also overlooked. UEA legend and all round great guy Greg James combines youth with being a great DJ, and is not openly a One Direction fan. In addition Zane Lowe is continually fantastic and loves almost every genre of music. His level of disdain when recently being forced to promote a ONE HOUR LONG documentary on Mesut Ozil – a lookalike Connor Maynard, was a joy to behold.

Given the relentless drive to decrease the age of its audience, the only hope for sane music loving young people in that imposing Grimshaw will lower the audience numbers to such levels, that Radio 1 are forced to replace him with either Zane Lowe or Greg James. Even a return to Chris Moyles would be preferable to what listeners are subjected to at the moment.

However, there is a more immediate solution to the Radio 1 problem: switch it off. Or alternatively give Radio 4 a go. You won’t be the first person.


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