Raft: The Final Chapter Release

Raft is a sandbox survival game set in a post-apocalyptic ocean world. You start the game on a four-by-four wooden raft with a hook, and the key to your survival is hooking items such as plastic, wood and palm leaves to build your raft. The game has been in early access since its initial release in 2018 and as of July 2022 the ‘Final Chapter’ has been released, marking the games progress into full release. Not only does version 1.0 of this release comes with highly anticipated bug fixes, it also brings players new destinations, elements of the story, characters, enemies, animals and a whole host of new items. The update is a culmination of five years of development, and I am definitely extremely excited to play through this new release.

Perhaps most anticipated, the new release brings a rework of the story, with some parts improved, others removed entirely and an ending has been added. Alongside this, notes and characters now have voice acting and dialogue. This makes the game more engaging, and makes the story clearer. There is an introduction of three new locations within the game, the third being a secret where the ending is. In the release notes, the producer announced Varuna Point and Temperance as the new major locations, and hinted at other secret locations and items alongside these to be found.

Version 1.0 is also bringing four new playable characters that you unlock in locations throughout the game. It is also possible to now pick the clothing, and find more styles. Vending machines can be found to buy items and the stock is different at each one, similarly trading posts have been introduced and accept trash cubes and trade coins as currency. With this we have a plethora of new exciting items to construct on your research table. These include a juicer, electric biofuel extractor, wind turbine, new titanium tools, a big backpack, and horizontal pillars. Furthermore, new enemies are angler fish, scuttlers, polar bears, hyenas and we have been teased that there are more to discover in the game!

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