Raisin’ the bar on that first date…

Ella Sharp takes a look at the perfect first date outfit.

Raisin’ the bar on that first date...

The big date is coming up. Finally that cutie from your seminar plucked up the courage to ask you out and on Friday night your heading to a quirky Norwich bar. Your nails have been painted and you’ve rehearsed your “I’m listening” face countless times in the mirror. But nothing beats the blind panic of choosing what to wear. Don’t fret! Venue is here to help.

Classic black
Don’t assume black is boring; it’s classy, timeless and looks great on almost anyone. When you’re staring at your wardrobe for the 500th time, the LBD is the perfect life-saver. Styling it up with accessories, tussled hair or red lippy, a black dress oozes sex appeal while still remaining classy. The staple black dress will always be flattering and is great on those days where you feel nothing looks good.

Don’t be afraid of colour
Although black is great, don’t be afraid to jazz up your date look with colour. Red dresses can be a little cliché, so mix it up with blues, purples or girly pinks or try a pattern for something a little different – it will definitely make sure your date remembers to call for a second meet-up! Just be careful to check the colour doesn’t wash you out. Before buying, hold the fabric up to your face to figure out if that daring mustard yellow dress looks brilliant, or turns you into a ghost.

Try a playsuit or jumpsuit
Don’t assume date wear always means a dress or skirt. A playsuit can be a fun alternative, and look equally as cute. Our model wears a River Island number, looking pretty, but styled with a studded belt giving a rocky edge. For a more daring look, a full length jumpsuit can also look great and show them you’ll both be wearing the trousers if the date turns into anything more!

Dig out the flats
On a first date, heels can be a real disaster zone. With a stomach full of butterflies and a heart hammering away, the last thing you want to worry about is falling flat on your face walking around the cobbled streets of Pottergate. Flats are the answer- they can be pretty, practical and show you’re not trying too hard. However, if you’re going daring and wearing that jumpsuit, heels are a must to give you a sexy and feminine edge.

Show your inner confidence
Your date wants to get to know you, and the best form of self-expression is through your wardrobe. There’s nothing sexier than a confident girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Throw out the rule book and choose what you feel good in. Over-thinking an outfit is worse than rocking up in your trainers.


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