Rapper Loyle Carner kicks sexist fan out of LCR

An audience member received a lifetime ban from the LCR after being kicked out of a Loyle Carner gig for making sexist comments.

The UK rapper kicked an audience member out of his LCR show last night. This came after they made sexist comments towards the female support act.

The individual has been banned from the LCR for life.

After coming onto the stage and performing his first song, the rapper cut his music and addressed the audience of the gig stating he had heard sexist comments were made towards a member of the support act, Elisa and Srigala.

Carner told the fan, who was identified by those in the audience around him, that he had to leave the gig. Carner was seen on video saying: ”I’m sorry man, you gotta learn a lesson. “You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go.”

News of Carner’s actions at the LCR have since been reported throughout the press, with the BBC, The Independent, NME, and Fader all covering the story. Since then, performers Elisa and Sigala have thanked Carner for his actions and the LCR crowd for helping to identify the fan.

They said: “Yes yes Loyle Carner for confronting him, yes yes audience for exposing who it was in the crowd, and yes yes UEA for removing him and challenging him about his behaviour.”

It is alleged the individual who was kicked out made a comment about singer Elisa Imperilee’s breasts. The support act did seem to hear the comments and respond to the individual within their performance, as rapper and producer Srigala rudely gestured towards the individual with his hands in retaliation.

UEA’s students’ union said they will not comment on the allegations, but have confirmed there is an investigation underway into the incident.

Speaking to the Eastern Daily Press, a spokesperson for the SU said: “Whilst we can’t comment on investigations into ongoing cases, we can confirm that we continue to operate a Zero Tolerance approach to sexual harassment in our venues. “It’s crucial that our customers know that when we find evidence of our policies being breached, we’ll take action.”

Carner’s actions were applauded by fans present at the gig, and have also since been praised on social media.

The musician was performing at the LCR as part of his Yesterday’s Gone tour, in which he performed tracks from his Mercury Prize nominated album of the same name.

Despite the actions of one sexist fan, Carner went on to tell fans at UEA that Sunday night might have been the best night of the tour so far.

Second year Media Studies student Karl attended the gig. Speaking to Concrete, he said: “Loyle definitely did the right thing, he made sure that every single person in the venue understood that sexism is unacceptable.

“The crowd responded exceptionally well and were happy to see the sexist guy get kicked out. It really added to the energy and excitement in the venue for what turned out to be an incredible show!”

The SU were contacted for a comment.


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  1. Good effort UEA. proving yet again what an anti free speech joke you are. I remember when the university was focused on academia not doing students for thought crime.

    • It’s hardly a good argument, that the very best thing that can be said for this guy is that his words aren’t actually illegal to say.

      But anyway, his right to speak was not infringed; he has the right to say whatever he likes, more or less. Freedom to speak is not the same as freedom from consequences, though – what he said might be construed as sexual harassment, and even if that weren’t true, he is not free from people reacting to what he says. He chose to say it at a private event in a private venue – and one that has a particularly clear and direct code of conduct. You might disagree with said code of conduct, but it hardly violates anyone’s rights.

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