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I’ve read Steve Jobs: The biography by Walter Isaacson, about the late CEO of technology company Apple. I chose it because I have purchased Apple gadgets since I was 14 and I’m interested in technology generally. 

I learned that the company was started in his garage, which inspired me because it shows that anyone can start a business. He wasn’t interested in schooling, so maybe school isn’t as important to learning as one might think? He was an adopted child and struggled to know who he was. Jobs was in charge of marketing and his partner, Wazniak, was in charge of the technology at first. 

I didn’t know that Steve Jobs was fired by Pepsi’s Former Chief Executive, John Scully, who was hired to lead the company in a new direction. Jobs’s controversial, demanding and rude management style stuck out. It made me think less of him. His time between making a comeback to Apple was largely unsuccessful. He had great attention to detail: the Macbook has an upside-down logo so that, when the computer is open, it’s the right way up, because Jobs wanted people to see the logo. Overall, I learned a lot.


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January 2022
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