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After deciding not to touch my laptop for about a week when going to visit a friend in Sheffield, I was left with my mobile phone being the closest thing I had to a gaming console. Upon logging into the App Store, I discovered a recently updated version of NBA 2K Mobile which I immediately downloaded. The game is quite hefty in terms of memory, the download size comes at about 1.2GB on the store and there is an additional download once you first log into the app, but trust me, once I started playing I realised it was all worth it.

Upon opening the game, players are welcomed by LeBron in his signature 23 Lakers shirt. The game comes with a couple of gameplay menus where players are able to switch between the normal Seasons and Leagues sections as well as training drills and challenges such as the weekend Fantasy finals. There is a store where – with accumulated points – top-rated basketballers can be unlocked, or even bought with real-life currency.

I would like to commend NBA 2K for its graphics, which are some of the best I’ve seen on a mobile game in a long while. Everything in terms of its look is on point: from the visuals of dribbling and passing, to the movement of the basketballers running on the court; the quiver of the basket after you score to the court-side reactions from the team and fans. The graphics are simply amazing, incomparable to any of the other NBA mobile games. On top of that the basketball players have been drafted to their right teams and, with updates released weekly, there’s no doubt that the game will remain up-to-date with the current NBA league.

The gameplay itself is also quite impressive. In the ‘semi-autopilot’ mode, instead of having traditional controls where the gamer moves players around the court – passing, shooting and defending – the developers of NBA 2K give a chance to beginners who may need to learn the game slowly with assistance from the computer. The gameplay of the ‘normal’ mode is also well-designed, allowing gamers two on-screen joysticks to control with.

I’d definitely recommend NBA 2K to anyone up for a challenge, especially to those who’d like to play with the ‘professional’ gameplay mode. Gamers don’t really need to have prior basketball knowledge to play this game, seeing as there is a tutorial at the beginning which explains most of the context you need to know as well as guidance on how to play. Of course, the difficulty can be changed at anytime and, as you progress through the seasons, the difficulty increases naturally, making it not only more demanding but also addictive. This is a game that’s also suitable for all ages with guaranteed hours of fun, especially with the availability of online games with real life opponents, too. It had me glued to my screen the entire weekend I was at my friend’s, so much so that my phone weekly usage time doubled!

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July 2021
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