Record temperatures point to climate change

This summer has been noticeably hot across the UK. It is something no doubt most of us will have experienced. July 2019 was one of the warmest months ever recorded.

The August Bank Holiday temperatures hit 33.2C, which makes it the hottest August Bank Holiday in history. Scientists have warned we must limit warming to 1.5C to avoid ëcatastrophic changeí in the future.

 Based on current models of the temperature in Norwich, it is estimated that the best case scenario by 2100 is that January temperatures will have increased by 2.1C, and July by 2.0C, well above the IPCC’s target. 

The target is a global mean reading.

Yet if the readings for our city alone are projected, we will be facing catastrophic change and damage to the world as we currently know it. These models clearly show the urgency of the situation.

Many will believe this is evidence enough to encourage citizens and governments to take additional action to combat global warming and climate change.



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