Red Bar vs Scholars Bar

Patrick Wiseman on Red Bar’s universal appeal

Anyone who’s been in both the Red Bar and the Scholars Bar will be surprised that there is any contest as to which is better. For a start, the atmosphere in Red Bar is lively, ecstatic and all-round happy, and get this- it’s actually busy! Scholars, on the other hand, has an atmosphere comparable to dull beige tones of a computer science lecturer’s Wednesday suit.

As if that wasn’t enough, even the snacks in Scholar’s bar aren’t up to scratch. You walk in, hungry from your countless seminars what do you want? Pack of crisps? Probably not. Hit up Red Bar and have a pizza, chips- a whole damn meal for that matter. The world’s your oyster- unless you want anything else that isn’t pizza… then you’ll struggle. The only arguable thing better in Scholars’ Bar is that a game of pool is 50p instead of £1- but it’s a small price to pay

Nick Stokes argues for Scholars’ little comforts

Scholars bar has been, in no uncertain terms, my home away from home for the last two years. It offers an irreplaceable service – a space to work, drink, play darts and pool without being shouted down by the huddled, Snakebite drinking masses. The bar staff are friendly and they’re always the same faces so you get to know the people that work there. This is also true of the rest of the people working around you – there’s a mutual respect for your fellow scholars patrons that can’t be replicated down in Red Bar.

I’m very much of the opinion that not only is it the best bar on campus, it’s the best work space, almost exponentially better than the library. Compared with Red Bar, there’s no competition – the range of drinks, the space, the vibe, the cheaper pool table and the view of campus are unbeatable.


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