Red Cross launch first aid skills app

The British Red Cross has called for all university students to undertake training in first aid. They have done so through the launch of an online interactive quiz for UK students learn basic first aid skills.

Research reveals that up to 59 per cent of pre-hospital deaths can be prevented if someone with first aid skills steps in. However almost 70 per cent of university students lack confidence in actually performing first aid.

Joe Mulligan, Head of First Aid Education at The British Red Cross said “The good news is that most people are calling 999. But after calling 999 we want students to do something in those crucial minutes before the ambulance arrives.”

The organisation is encouraging students to download their free first aid app, called Don’t Stop at 999, which gives instructive advice on how to help someone in cases of accidental injury and trauma.

The app involves a quiz to test knowledge, particularly on how to help someone who is unresponsive but breathing and how to help someone bleeding heavily.

Jack Robinson, speaking on behalf of the UEA Red Cross committee, said “Our recent campaign, Don’t Stop at 999, aims to highlight the issue of many people being unaware of what basic steps they can take to increase the chances of people’s survival once they’ve called 999.”

He said, “Students might be unaware of what they can do to help in that situation and Don’t Stop at 999 seeks to help change that.”


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June 2022
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