#releasethesnydercut: Should We Care?

The year was 2017 and Warner Bros. had just released its DC superhero team up epic, Justice League. An orange, CGI mess of a film with rushed story lines and strange moustache faces. Fans were not pleased. DC has always floundered in the limelight of its super-competitors, rushing releases to match the never-ending stream of Marvel’s countless successful films. 

The story of Justice League, however, isn’t your average tale of studio hubris, this has tragedy in the mix. Like many big budget films, Warner Bros. were keen to make sure this film did well for them at the box office. To make sure, WB assigned “watchdogs in the form of DC Entertainment creative chief Geoff Johns and Warner Bros. co-production head Jon Berg” to ensure director Zack Snyder kept the right creative direction for the film.  Amongst all of the tension, sadly in 2017 Snyder’s daughter, Autumn, tragically took her own life after struggling with depression. Naturally, Snyder as well as his producing partner and wife Deborah stepped down from Justice League to focus on their family during this awful period and to escape the studio’s hindering ways. 

After the Snyders’ left the film, the studio was left with an unfinished version of the film and decided to bring The Avengers legend Joss Whedon into the mix. According to reports, Whedon re-shot the majority of the film all whilst re-working the narrative resulting in the mess presented to fans back in 2017. 

Appalled by what they had witnessed fans started #releasethesnydercut, campaigning for the original version of the film to be released, hoping to finally receive the film they wanted. After years of waiting, the Snyder cut is finally being released this month to great anticipation. The 4-hour long epic will finally show fans what Snyder envisioned and as fans eagerly await its release, I find myself wondering, is it necessary and more importantly, will it be any good? 

Zack Snyder’s previous work for the DC Extended Universe, in particular Batman vs Superman were not well received by both audiences and fans and I fear that this film may be the same. Without a doubt Joss Whedon’s version of the film was truly terrible but I can’t help but feel this version could be just as bad. From the trailers alone the film looks equally visually un-appealing with far too much going on for one film. It’s these traits that ruined the first version and fear the film might just end up repeating itself. 

Without a doubt, however, I am not only overjoyed for fans of Snyder’s work but for the man himself finally getting to release the film he worked hard on and being able to dedicate it to his daughter. Being a cynical film critic, I have my reservations but in our current situation, anything that might bring 4 hours of joy into people’s lives, I’m all for and I hope more than anything that my reservations are proved wrong. 

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