The balloon burst and all the air escaped 

too quickly for Jill to catch. She sighed as she saw the

wrinkled skin, because there was 

a hole that was Jim shaped. 


The balloon was as big as their love had been

with multicolour patches to match. 

Golden memories and silver highlights, 

picnic days of sunny yellow and mossy green.


The balloon had initially flown high, blessed by

a gentle wind. It danced a little before 

the breeze changed, blowing the air awry 

and the balloon flew all across the sky. 


The balloon drifted for too little to be long before 

it hit a tree.

Nothing to morn or remember, 

yet even so Jill saw that it was cared for. 


She picked up the worn balloon and held it close to her heart. 

50 years and they’d never spent a day apart. 

She lay in bed and remembered the night she became his bride. 

She placed the balloon on the pillow and fell asleep by its side.

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