Reusable cups up by 64 percent on campus

Campus Kitchen has released data announcing an increase in people using reusable coffee cups of 40 times since last year.

The amount of people carrying their own cups has increased from two percent last academic year to 66 percent this year.

UEA’s Head of Sustainability, Phil Hunt, said: ‘This is fantastic news and is a brilliant example of how people respond positively when given the opportunity to do so. Initiatives like this have an immediate and positive impact on the environment but they also prime people for the greater need for behavioural change which lies ahead.’

Although there is a common misconception that coffee cups are recyclable as they are made of paper,  most are lined with polyethylene plastic to make them waterproof, which also prevents them from being recycled. In the UK, around 2.5 million coffee cups are thrown away annually, and less than one percent are recycled, despite people putting them in recycling bins. Furthermore, mixing un-recyclable coffee cups with recyclable waste is a source of contamination and may lead to even less recycling. To help more with UEA’s sustainability initiatives, buy one of the coffee cups sold in Unio or Campus Kitchen, and participate in the Big Easter Switch Off over the break.

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