New figures released last week revealed how each ward in the Norwich City Council area voted in the EU referendum.

The statistics collected by George Greenwood for the BBC showed that out of the 13 wards, eight voted to Remain whilst the other five saw Leave majorities. The most pro-EU wards were in the city centre, with Nelson seeing a 78 percent vote to Remain and Town Close polling 69 percent in favour of remaining. These two wards recorded the highest total turnouts, with over 6,000 votes counted in each.

Crome ward saw the highest percentage of voters backing Brexit, with 60 percent, followed by neighbouring Catton Grove with a 55 percent majority.

There were several marginal wards, as Wensum returned a 51 percent majority for Remain, and Mile Cross the same for Leave.

University ward, home to UEA, most closely reflected the overall Norwich vote, with 56 percent of the 2,306 voters choosing Remain.

Dr Chris Hanretty, a UEA Politics Reader who has carried out research into voting patterns in the referendum described the result in University ward as “surprising”.

“56 percent for Remain isn’t great if people with lots of educational qualifications tend to vote Remain anyway. We can’t know whether the result would have been different in term-time, because we don’t know how many students stuck around.”

Dr Hanretty reflected further on the impact of the June 23rd referendum date: “Of course, it doesn’t really matter to the national result if students went home, as long as they voted in their home constituencies – which I would hope they did.”