Last Thursday, Cabaret: A Night at the Musicals, the all singing, all dancing show put on by Minotaur Theatre Company returned to the UEA Drama Studio for its 2015 run.

If you’ve yet to pop your Cabaret cherry, then I have to tell you, you’re really missing out on something special. The annual show is conducted in the name of charity, (which in itself is a good enough reason to attend) and this year boasted 22 catchy Broadway hits, some glorious choreography (two words: TAP DANCING) and an endearing bromance in the form of the evening’s hosts – Matt Preece and Tom Mason.

The show started with a bang, as Jim Murrell, Alistair Bourne and numerous others performed “Colour My World”, from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and colour my world they did. Bright shirts and even brighter smiles filled the room from the get go, creating an exciting atmosphere that lingered throughout the 2 hour performance.

Now, you might be thinking; two whole hours of musical madness? How can anyone sit through that? Matt and Tom voiced those very opinions to the audience at the start, after admitting that the only time they ever sang was when they belted out a bit of Beyoncé in the shower. By the end however, the pair were legging wearing, disco dancing, musical theatre fans just like the rest of the cast and that character development, (if you can call it that) was worthy of an award.

Other notable moments included a hilarious rendition of “Two by Two” from The Book of Mormon performed by Adrian Moore and male ensemble, which was not only vocally sound but showcased some very good acting skills. “Revolting Children” from Matilda was also a hit, with the majority of the cast taking to the stage to throw a full on tantrum, which involved jumping, stomping, kicking and some of the greatest facial expressions I have ever seen. But no night of this kind would be complete without a pinch of the craziness that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show and so Maeve Hamill, Charlie Field and Alex Horrox jumped to the left, stepped to the right and brought their knees in tight during what was most certainly my favourite part of the show.

The members of the band also deserve particular praise for their strong talent and overall brilliant work, without which the show would not have been able to go on. Despite being tucked away to the side of the stage, their presence was prominent and they looked as if they were having just as much fun as those that were prancing and twirling under the spotlight.

Overall, the cast and crew did a spectacular job creating the show; from start to finish it was a definite crowd-pleaser. But not only did they give audience members a fun filled evening, they also raised a considerable amount of money for Action Against Cancer and Blue Apple Theatre, a charity empowering people with learning difficulties through theatre, dance and film, so bravo Minotaur Theatre and thank you for bringing Broadway, bright lights and box steps to campus once more.