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The Russo Brothers are back but this time not with a Marvel blockbuster. This movie is based off of an autobiography of the same name written by Nico Walker and has been described as “an epic odyssey of romance, war, drug addiction, and crime”. The story follows a US army medic portrayed by Tom Holland suffering from PTSD after his time in Iraq. After developing an opioid addiction, Cherry falls into a life of bank robberies to fund his growing habit.

The performances in this movie are very strong. This movie is very different for Tom Holland, he is not swinging between buildings in a spandex suit and I believe that this role showed his true acting abilities and talent. I was very impressed with Ciara Bravo and her performance of Cherry’s girlfriend, Emily. I haven’t seen any of her previous work, but I would have liked a bit more character arc from her. 

The movie is structured like we are reading a book, with title scenes establishing each significant chapter in Cherry’s life. The movie splits into these chapters including both a prologue and epilogue. All of which are connected through narration and the breaking of the fourth wall. I think this works really well because without these elements of storytelling the movie would have a complete, different effect. 

I would say to not take into consideration critic reviews before watching this movie, as I think people can perceive the movie in different ways. I personally very much enjoyed the movie and could see all the artistic choices made by the Russo Brothers. This movie is very eye-opening, and emotional but also very powerful. 

Cherry is now available to stream on Apple TV+

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